The Newest It Thing: Book Videos!!!

Ok…if I can’t be a writer I so want to do this. How totally awesome and fun! I am all about finding creative and innovative ways to promote myself and my work. So the latest thing…video trailers. There is an entire blog devoted to book videos. Of course there is a blog for everything so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. I decided to check out these book videos and see what they could do. I have some samples to share, as I was quite impressed. It is nothing like the crappy commercials you see on TV from famous authors like LKH and Mary Higgins Clark. Heck, when was the last time you saw a trailer for the Harry Potter books…ok maybe that doesn’t count. Harry Potter is probably in a league of its own and really, what would be the point. People are already buying the books…how many more sales could a video (that is not the wb movie) make?

So I posted a video from you tube for comparison. Now here are two videos produced by a company called VidLit.

Cool. Huh? Love to know what you think.