Is it spring yet?

Hi Everyone. It's been a while since I have posted anything. Just over a month to be exact. Is that a coincidence--I think not. I hate February. It's crappy and gray and cold and lonely. When I haven't been traveling I've been holed up in my apartment reading 2 or 3 books a week. Normally I wouldn't have the time for this, but with the writer's strike there is nothing on TV...well there is not much to do in Ohio on the weekends.

So, you would think I made significant progress on my writing, since I didn't leave mi casa. Wrong again. My progress consisted of printing out two chapters (that I actually had forgotten I had written!) and tweaking a left over scene from draft zero. What is draft zero? Well when I finished the first draft of my novel the beginning and ending didn't align. I had to rewrite several chapters to get everything in sync. Ultimately, what happened was that I ended up with two different beginnings that I had to merge cohesively together to fit the rest of the book. I don't think I like this phase. It's not as creative as the writing part, or the plotting part. It's not as business focused like the marketing and publicity. It's just the painstaking revision part.

So I am in a bookstore, that is pretending to be a campus books store but is really a Barnes and Noble ( I can tell by the branding). I'm in Philly. Last Week it was San Fran. Two weeks before, NY. How can I hate February in Ohio when I spent most of it in other states? I don't know--I just do. The only thing the travel did was make me forget it was February, so that for a few moments, I thought I was just plain old loosing my mind. I couldn't figure out why I was being such a loner. Was it some weird depression? Did I have an anxiety issue? Nope. Just that time of year.

Now that it is March, I don't know if I am going to abandon my reading who-ha. I've still got a ton of books to get through. But I am excited to get back on the writing. I have a pitch set up with an editor in the Fall. I'd like to be ready by then. World Con is coming to Columbus in 2010. I'd like to have a book out by then to sign LOL.

Well see.