Dirty Little Liars Series

Dirty Little Liars

There's no game quite as dirty as D.C. politics. The stakes are high and the rules are played fast and loose. For Juliette Morgan, budding con artist and grifter, the city is her playground. That is until she meets Senate candidate Tyler Chase. He's breathtakingly handsome with Brad Pitt eyes, McDreamy hair, and that killer Kennedy charm. Juliette may actually lose brain cells in his presence -- which might explain why she continues to find herself in a number of inappropriate situations with the ambitious politician. 

Juliette knows she's playing with fire, because being with Tyler puts at risk the one thing she longs for most -- learning the truth about her parents' death. Consumed by lies, scandals, and betrayals, Juliette must now decide where her loyalties lie. 

If you like New Adult Romances with Scandal and Politics mixed together for one outrageous ride, this book is for you. 


 “A fun, quick and dirty read. Kept me turning pages.” --Amazon Reviewer

“The story puts you at the edge of your seat…” --Amazon Reviewer 

“The plot is intriguing and intense.” –Amazon Reviewer

Trouble with Vodka 

Juliette Morgan is in trouble. 

No job. 

No money. 

No life. 

She’s spent the last four years chasing a dream, desperately hoping that one day she might uncover the truth behind her parents’ untimely death. But those hopes are shattered when Dean Covington, a notoriously corrupt D.C. lawyer, refuses to take her on as an intern. Juliette is certain Covington ordered the hit on her parents. But without a shred of evidence, and no shot at getting close to her primary suspect, she’s left with nothing but time. And Vodka. 

In this prequel to Dirty Little Liars, discover the truth behind the infamous one-night stand. The night that changed everything. 

*This is a short story, approximately 5,000 words in length. To read Juliette’s full story, check out Dirty Little Liars.