What I'm reading: Speak of the Devil

I am currently reading “Speak of the Devil” by Jenna Black and loving it. This poor girl gets hit with ever rock that can be thrown her way and I am just baffled by everything that she has to go to. For a fourth book in a series, this is a really impressive read. Who can resist her oober sexy love scenes featuring my favorite couple Adam and Dominic? Certainly not me.

The only thing I have against this book is Morgan’s constant whining about her on again off again boyfriend. Personally I found Brian a little boring, I mean who needs Brian with Demons like Lugh, Adam, and Saul walking around? There is a scene where Lugh tells Morgan that she’s got to put in some work saving their relationship because Brian is always the one putting in all the effort. I disagree. Brian is a baby. He’s always throwing temper tantrums and to be honest, the sex hasn’t even been that great for me since book one. At this point it’s just safe comfort sex. I want gritty, passionate, forbidden sex!! LOL.

Okay maybe I’m a bit overdramatic here but I really don’t think so. There is no challenge in Brian and Morgan’s relationship. As a reader I like to experience the chase. I like to see the tension between the two characters dripping off the page. For Morgan and Lugh, it’s a given, because Morgan has always been so resistant. We are curious to see if and how Lugh will seduce her. But with Brian, it was like, come over, let have sex. Boring.

Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love, love, love this book. I mean really, with a crazy plot like this, who has time for a sex life? Morgan is having enough trouble staying alive and out of jail. Good luck girlie.

A little fun for the fans...

Here is a quick poem that I wrote based off of a writing prompt and photo. I love getting inspiration from photography, asking myself what the story is behind the image. I liked this so much I had to share. In case you are wondering the photo is the same one as the cover of the book.

The Chair

There is a chair in my mother’s house that makes me forget to breathe.

It stands in the corner

across from the window

overlooking the front porch

and the

ankle high grass

and the

small dirt path

and the

fishing stoop where grandpa lost track

of time

I lower myself into its waiting arms.

The worn leather chills my skin.

It molds around my body

like the muddy

rust colored

clay that clings to the hillside behind the barn.

If I close my eyes…

the ghost of my father dances through me-

the scent of Old Spice sweetens the air.


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Charlaine Harris Interviews!!!

If you are crazy about Sookie Stackhouse, in love with True Blood, or just plain OCF about all things urban fantasy I suggest you check out the recently posted video clips of Charlaine Harris speaking at a writer's conference in Florida. I'm hoping to see her at DragonCon next month and I can't wait! If you want to check out the other clips I recommend going over to www.TrueBloodNet.com. They have all the videos and tons of other great True Blood stuff.