New Short Story!!

I'm so excited to share that my short story, Trouble with Vodka, is now available for purchase exclusively on This is a prequel to Dirty Little Liars, but IT DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SPOILERS!!!

Below is the cover image and blurb. I hope that you will check it out. It's currently $.99 and free to Amazon Prime members.

Back Cover Blurb:
Juliette Morgan is in trouble.

No Job.
No Money.
No Life.

She's spent the last for years chasing a dream, desperately hoping that one day she might uncover the truth behind her parents' untimely death. But those hopes are shattered when Dean Covington, a notoriously corrupt D.C. lawyer, refuses to take her on as an intern. Juliette is certain Covington ordered the hit on her parents, but without a shred of evidence, and no shot at getting close to her primary suspect, she's left with nothing but time. And vodka.

In this prequel to Dirty Little Liars, discover the truth behind the infamous one-night stand. The night that changed everything.