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Augustana - Boston

Yep, I think I will go to Boston. Maybe on Monday. Yeah, Monday sounds good. Anyone want to join me?

Agents for the Urban Fantasy Writer

I thought I would take a moment to share some of my favorite agents representing urban fantasy, specifically those that are attending the BEA 2009 Pitch Slam in NYC. If you happen to live in the area and have a couple hundred bucks to drop for registration, this might be a fun thing to attend. I've met a couple of these agents through various conferences. I'm also a big fan of writers taking the time and expending the effort to find a good agent, because they can do wonders!

So here is the list: (there are 66 agents in total, these are just a few)


MIRIAM KRISS (Irene Goodman Literary) is seeking all areas of commercial fiction including, but not limited to: mystery, romance, thrillers, YA, fantasy (especially urban fantasy), and SF. She is also interested in narrative nonfiction and memoir.

CHERRY WEINER (Cherry Weiner Literary) handles all genres of fiction, and
specializes in science fiction, fantasy (especially urban fantasy), romance, Westerns and Native American works. Some nonfiction has even crept into the mix but she doesn’t consider poetry or children’s.

JOANNA STAMPFEL-VOLPE (Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation) represents everything from children’s books (chapter books to YA, both nonfiction and fiction), to adult fiction (speculative, romance, historical, paranormal, unique fantasy, thrillers, literary, dark comedy, dark drama, horror) and she will occasionally take on strong narrative nonfiction with pop culture, environmental or food elements.

GRETCHEN STELTER (Baker’s Mark Literary Agency) works with creators who write in the same genres she loves to read: middle grade and YA fiction, magic(al) realism, contemporary fiction, and women’s fiction. She is interested in anything with an urban fantasy touch (more Mike Carey than Maurice Dantec), and the middle grade and YA should have edgy, true-to-life characters and dialogue. The contemporary and women’s fiction should have a wide entry point for its audience but a strong hook that makes it stand out from the crowd.

GINGER CLARK (Curtis Brown, Ltd.) represents science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, paranormal chick lit, literary horror, and young adult and middle grade fiction.

STACIA DECKER (Firebrand Literary) is looking for adult narrative nonfiction in the areas of politics, history, biography, travel, memoir, current events, and pop culture. She also specializes in hard-boiled mystery and crime fiction.

LEAH HULTENSCHMIDT (editor, Dorchester Publishing) is looking to meet with authors or agents who have a completed romance manuscript of 75,000-95,000 words in the following romance subgenres: historical, paranormal, futuristic, urban fantasy, and romantic suspense.

SANDY LU (L. Perkins Agency) specializes in both quality fiction and nonfiction, with a particular interest in dark literary fiction, edgy urban fiction, historical fiction, mystery, thriller, psychological horror, upscale women’s fiction, and multicultural fiction. Her nonfiction categories are narrative nonfiction, history, biography, science, pop culture, and food writing.

JENNY RAPPAPORT (The Rappaport Agency) specializes in the genres of science fiction and fantasy, young adult, and romance.

JANET REID (FinePrint Literary Management, aka QueryShark) specializes in crime fiction. She also represents narrative nonfiction, reference and how to books. She’s open to pitches on any topic however. Good writing trumps all.

And for those of you who already have an agent, I'd love to hear your story? Tell us how you found your agent or what you like best about them?

Rachel Vincent Fans: New Cover Art

Rachel Vincent has posted the cover to the second book in her YA series. The release date is January 2010. I can't wait to read these books. Sounds like something new and fresh.

Short Story Blog Chain

I thought this was a fun little monthly challenge, so I just had to join in.

Here's how it works: Several awesome blog chainers have teamed up to write a short story according to a prompt. We're doing something similar to this post. Elena Johnson picked the first topic, and the goal is: (get this), to write! This is a call for writing from anyone, anywhere, any time this month.

May's Topic: Flowers!!

Rules: It's a short story. 100 words, 500, whatev. Post it on your own blog sometime this month (inviting others to write according to the prompt) and come back here (and post your link so we can read yours too!). Your story has to have flowers in it somehow. Any which way.

Here's mine: Short and Sweet.

Garden Refuge
By Missy Lynn Ryan

We met in the garden. It was one of those lazy summer days where the heat gives way to a quick shower and rain sprays over your skin. I was sitting in the cove of a willow tree, protected by its sloping limbs when he came up behind me.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Startled, the charcoal stick in my hand snapped and pieces scattered over the page in my favorite sketch book.

“What are you doing?” he asked again.

I quickly grabbed my bag, collecting my things before standing. “I’m sorry,” I started, the words barely leaving my lips before his hand wrapped around mine, pulling me back towards him. “I was just leaving,” I mumbled.

It was a lie. I wasn’t sure why I bothered. He didn’t believe a word of it.

“Sit with me?” he asked.

Reluctantly, I let him pull me back towards the ground; let him maneuver his body so that my head rested against his shoulder and his arm draped across my back. It was heaven there, in the comfort of his world, with the smell of his cologne lacing each breath. I wanted it to last forever.

But nothing ever does.

I could hear my name off in the distance. Someone calling me, demanding I return to a world, a life, I hated. I tightened my grip on his shirt, refusing to let go. It was no use. His image began to blur as the world around me melted away. I felt a single tear trail along my face. It wasn’t enough time, never enough time.

I woke up with a start in the darkened room, mother banging on the locked door, threatening to remove it from the hinges if I didn’t show any sign of life. I groaned and reached for the light switch as something fell from the blankets tangled around my body. In a moment of confusion I stared down at the flower, a virgin white lily, resting on the floor. Then a rush of warmth took my breath away. Fingers shaking I lifted the flower and inhaled.

It was the first of many bedside gifts from my garden refuge.

Another True Blood - Season 2 Promo

Don't forget to check out the other True Blood and Dead and Gone Goodies and enter the 24Hr Countdown to Sookie Contest! 

I'd give it all for the Sookie...

Or something like that. The 24hr Countdown to Sookie Contest is well underway, with less than 16 hours to enter! And as promised, I just keep bringing you more Sookie. Man all those folks who who weren't online today are going to sad, sad, sad. Maybe you should call them, DM them, shoot them an email and say, "Hey did you see the kick-ass contest with the Dead and Gone give away and the super awesome True Blood t-shirt?"

Or not. Your choice. But if it were me, I wouldn't want to explain to my reading buddy why I won an awesome cool prize and didn't even bother to tell them about the contest!

Oh yeah, you are probably thinking, "Come on, Melissa. Get to the good stuff."

Well here it is, an interview from Charlaine Harris from the Wall Street Journal. Seriously, the WSJ? Wow, she's getting around. Oh, did I mention, there is an excerpt here too? Just a little teaser:

The closer I got to the vampire bar, the more my pulse picked up. This was the downside to the blood bond I had with Eric Northman. Read an excerpt from "Dead and Gone"

Read the full interview here:

AND DON"T FORGET TO ENTER THE CONTEST. (As if you needed the reminder)

True Blood Season 2 Promo and Contest!!

HOT!!! Here's the new promo for Season 2.

Don't forget to check out the other True Blood and Dead and Gone Goodies and enter the 24 Hour Countdown to Sookie contest! 

Charlaine Harris Extravaganza!!

Looks like I am not the one celebrating the Cinco de Mayo release of the next Southern Vampires book, Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris. Borders has put together a fun True Blood Fan page to generate excitement and buzz around the book releas this Tuesday and the True Blood Season 1 DVD release on May 19th! This specially created page includes great stuff on both the TV series and the books, including the brand new cover images for the books that are getting "re-released" and some extra special goodies from Charlaine herself.

Here's a look at what you can find on

  • Behind-the-scenes footage - A sneak peek at the making of the TRUE BLOOD series, including interviews with director Alan Ball and actors Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie Stackhouse, and Stephen Moyer, who plays her 173-year-old vampire boyfriend Bill Compton.
  • Character pieces - Video vignettes on favorite TRUE BLOOD characters including Sookie, Bill, Sam, Tara, Jason and Lafayette.
  • Series trailer - Exciting highlights of scenes from the first season of the hit HBO series.
  • Chapter excerpt - Advanced access to a unique excerpt chosen by the author - and unavailable anywhere else - of Harris' highly anticipated new release "Dead and Gone."
  • Exclusive Q&A with Harris - In this Q&A, Harris reveals how she feels about her enigmatic leading lady Sookie.
  • Exclusive author essay - Titled "Sookie and Me and HBO," the essay explores Harris' thoughts on HBO's adaptation of her books.
  • Not-yet-published book covers - Fans can get an advance look at yet-to-be released book covers for Harris' other Sookie Stackhouse novels: "Living Dead in Dallas," "Club Dead," "Dead to the World," "Dead as a Doornail" and "All Together Dead."

Also don't forget to register for our own 24 hour Countdown to Sookie Contest! You can win a copy of Dead and Gone and your choice of a True Blood T-Shirt!!! As the name suggests, you can only enter for the 24 hour period, and it's already started! The drawing will take place on Tuesday 12PM Eastern time. So get steppin!

Countdown to Sookie! 24 Hour Contest!

May is finally here and to celebrate I am doing a month of giveaways! Each week I will be giving away a new urban fantasy/paranormal book. First up, hot off the press, is the new Sookie Stackhouse novel, "Dead and Gone". The winner will receive a hardcover copy of the book and their choice of a "True Blood" t-shirt.

I know you are all jumping with joy at the thought and anxiously waiting to discover how to enter. I promise, it's super easy.

1. Answer the following question, "Aside from Sookie, Eric, and Bill, who is your favorite character in the books or in the TV series and why?" That's it. Post your answer in the comments below(good for 1 entry).

2. For bonus entries (1 entry for each action) you can do any or all of the following:

  • retweet the contest on twitter (be sure to include @missylynnryan in the tweet).
  • post about the contest on your own blog and DM or email the link to

The drawing will take place on Tuesday May 5th @ 12PM Eastern. That gives you 24 hours to enter! I will post the name of the winner on my blog.

Good luck!