I have come accustomed to the drool hanging from my cheek. Disturbing yes, but just one of the many small sacrifices I have to make in order to stare at naked Brad. Sure, there are no goods showing, and honestly I don't know if I could handle that. But I went to see Troy at the dollar movie, and eventhough it has been out forever, it was packed. Almost sold out. And I sat next to this other chick who was by herself, and I know that all of the women were there to see Brad. And it was worth each and every penny I spent. I would gladly lay down another 100 copper Abes to see those beautiful thighs and the chizled abs, and let my imagination wonder.

I watched another movie with Brad in it, but it just wasn't the same. I'm not sure if it was the little spartan skirt, or the rippling muscles, or the powerful war hero that did it. But whatever it was...IT WORKED!!!!

Two thumbs up for Troy. Even if it is for all the wrong reasons.

ps-I suppose technically Mr. Pitt sold himself for a dollar last Saturday. Way to pimp yourself!

To be a writer....

What does it mean to be a writer? Some have told me that"if you write, then you are a writer." Hmm. Maybe. But writing and saying you are a writer to me are two different things. I dance in my living room but that doesn't make me a dancer. I sing in the shower, but that doesn't make me a singer. I write in my office but that alone doesn't make me a writer. To be a writer implies that my career, my life's work, my occupation is writing. It is not about writing a short story over the weekend, that no one but myself will ever see. To be a writer, for me, is to live and breath writing. To make a living and a profession out of writing. To inspire, advise and mentor those who aspire to do the same.

That is what this blog is all about. Someone commented that there is no such thing as a wanna-be writer, because you either are or you aren't. I disagree. This is about wanting to be something more. This blog is about my journey to a life that revolves around writing, that is writing. I am getting closer to it. My life revolves around writing, just not entirely the type of writing I want it to revolve around. I write grants. It is a very technical, and very persuasive type of writing. Then I come home from work and I write short stories. And when I am really motivated I write novels. But most of my writing never makes it outside of my bedroom/office. I am a perfectionist, and a lover of words, and that makes it very difficult to feel comfortable enough with a piece of writing to let others see it. I am getting better at it but it can still be an issue at tiems. So yes I write. I write all the time. I write more now than I ever have, and in that sense perhaps I really am progressing towards my dream of becoming a writer. But writing doesn't make a writer. Can someone be a politician without ever winning an election? Can someone be a writer without being published?

I'm not saying that you cannot call yourself a writer if you don't have a NY Times bestseller, or a PhD in Creative Writing. You can be published in a webzine, or a literary journal, or a harlequin romance (:)) but for me to be a writer you must share your writing with the world. That is something that I have not fully embarked on. And I suppose that is what I am trying to do. It is where I am trying to go. I write because I have these ideas, characters, and worlds in my head. Interesting stories that I want to share with others because I think they will find them fascinating as well. I suppse I write because I never really wanted to stop playing pretend. I never wanted to leave the imaginary world behind.

I hope that before the year is up I will have at least one sale. But that assumes that I will finish revising a story! And I have spent way too much time writing this blog...I must go do some character development! Woo Hoo.

Going for Gold

Tis the season of the olympic spirit and I am feeling like anything is possible. That could be the $750,000 grant we just recieved to implement a statewide project, or it could be that my novel--which until now has been complete chaos--is finally beginning to get its sea legs, or maybe it the fact that I finally am doing something that I love. I am a big believer in everything happening for a reason. Some days are good and some days are bad, but the bad ones only make me stronger and prepare me for what lies ahead. I have never been extremely religious. I believe in God, or some higher being, but I have a lot of issues with organized religion. I'm not going to get into those issues here. Unless someone requests that I do so. I only bring it up because, despite my slightly agnostic tendenacies two sayings, both of which are tied to religion have been my mantra, and my motivation. The first is "God wouldn't put me through this unless he believed I was strong enough to get through it". The second is "If you're going to walk on water you have to get out of the boat." The first one refers to the trials and tribulations of life. The second relates to Jesus walking on water, doing the impossible. According to the Bible Peter asks Jesus to allow him to walk on the water and Jesus simply says "come". It is pure faith in the lord that allows Peter to step out of the boat. And you can't know what is possible and what is impossible if you never step out, if you never try. I suppose this is why I am starting this organization. I have a passion, I have a talent and I have a certain set of skills that with a little bit of faith and a lot of hard work it just might be possible. If I don't believe in that, then what's the point? If you can't dream, how do you live?

I say it again, for anyone fighting their own struggles. Please don't wait for life to come to you. Don't wait for answers, find them, seek them, fight for what you want. And when you fall, when things don't go your way, cry, mourn and move on. Life is short, it is precious and if you don't believe in yourself first, it doesn't matter who else believes in you.

The sneak preview

So don't hate me. I have written in my blog. Unfortunately my computer crashed before the entry posted and I lost somewhere in cyberspace. Don't you hate when that happens.


Life is interesting. I have to thank an old friend now, because it was while talking with them that I had one of those life shattering epiphanies that kick you off your feet and leave you flat on your ass. Hmmm. Can I say Ass? well if not sorry. I was referring to the animal. lol. Anywho...I had this amazing revelation that provided me with insight and understanding into the decisions I have and have not been making for the past year and a half. But I say that is way too long and it is about time I start stepping up to the plate. I think it's time to KICK IT UP A NOTCH!!!!!

That being said, I should explain my last entry. It wasn't exactly clear. I have indeed started my own organization. I have bylaws, and the beginnings of a business plan. I have an invite list for board members. I have papers to file for incorporation and 501(c)3 status. And one day, hopefully sooner than later, we will have paid staff positions. I already have a list of people I would like to work with and or consult with for specific areas.

Anway, please check out the website www.writenowteens.org and purchase something on our cafe press shop! I will try and let you know when things are updated. Until then, keep your eyes and ears open. You might be on my hit list. If you want to be more involved send me an email. I will get you on the mailing list.

I'm out.

I'm not just the President....

So, uh...I think I just started my own organization! lol. I mean it. It's for young writers, and if you want to know more about it, well you will just have to go to my cafeshop (see link above or go to www.cafeshops.com/writenow) and purchase something so that I can pay to for web hosting. Ok OK seriously, I have some information I can give you. But I really really need to get some sort of site up and running. I only need to sell um...10 Items to pay for the site. And I promise to send you a personal thank you letter with your purchase.


I am serious.

Lol... Check it out. I have a lot of work to do. I look forward to hearing your comments. I take requests for merchandise as well.