I have come accustomed to the drool hanging from my cheek. Disturbing yes, but just one of the many small sacrifices I have to make in order to stare at naked Brad. Sure, there are no goods showing, and honestly I don't know if I could handle that. But I went to see Troy at the dollar movie, and eventhough it has been out forever, it was packed. Almost sold out. And I sat next to this other chick who was by herself, and I know that all of the women were there to see Brad. And it was worth each and every penny I spent. I would gladly lay down another 100 copper Abes to see those beautiful thighs and the chizled abs, and let my imagination wonder.

I watched another movie with Brad in it, but it just wasn't the same. I'm not sure if it was the little spartan skirt, or the rippling muscles, or the powerful war hero that did it. But whatever it was...IT WORKED!!!!

Two thumbs up for Troy. Even if it is for all the wrong reasons.

ps-I suppose technically Mr. Pitt sold himself for a dollar last Saturday. Way to pimp yourself!