Six Sentence Sunday: 4/29/12

In honor of my new query going out into cyberspace today for Love Sex Magick I decided to do a little Six Sentence Sunday of my own.  This excerpt comes from one of my favorite scenes in book 1, when our main character Chai has a brief encounter with our pseudo-hero in the woods. Bad werewolf, very bad werewolf. Well, see for yourself and let me know what you think!

Six Sentence Sunday: A strange encounter in the woods....

"I'm sorry about the hard-on," he blurted and my face grew so warm I thought I might actually be sweating. I didn't want to have a conversation with the naked horny man in the woods--especially when the naked horny man's father would skin me alive if he caught the two of us fooling around. Not to mention it was completely unethical. Yeah, unethical. I repeated the word over and over in my head as if that would appease the longing desire to touch him. 
"Turning with your mate can be foreplay," he continued, "and you're in heat, so that doesn’t help."

Come back next week for more of the scene! It's a riot.