It's week....

ok, I know. I am so flippin far behind. But don't think I gave up yet. I'm determined. Perseverence is the key.

But in my defense a lot has happened in the past week...and I still managed to get some writing in despite it all. Last Wednesday I was in a tiny little accident...that caused tremendous pain in my back and made it extremely uncomfortable to sit in a chair for more than an hour let alone sit and think. That was followed by a Harry Potter infestation. Go Go Gryffindor. (Go see the movie...unless you're like my sister, the only person who hasn't read the'll enjoy it.) Now I am packing to leave town for the holidays. Ha. Don't think I'll get too much writing done, but I am taking my laptop anyway. Since I'm very much a morning person I figure I can sneak a few thousand words in while everyone else is sleeping. And the road should provide much needed time for reading and sleeping.

So that is it...oh my word count right now...21,122!!! Not even half way. Oh Well. Should we take bets on how far I can get before the 30th?

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Hogwarts Humor!!! Horray for Harry! The Countdown is on....

Day...Could it really be the 15th?

So this is it. The midway point. It's too bad my word count isn't at the midway point. I can say this much, last week sucked. I didn't think it was possible to suck that much, but it was. There were several days when I got very little words in, others when I didn't get anything done at all. And it wasn't because I'm not talented enough to sit down and crank out 1000 words. I can do that in an hour or less. But it's the plotting, the planning, the trying to weave different story arcs together, and wondering if you've even got a story arc at all. I kept getting forced into situations that I didn't like, and I was forcing the characters to do things they didn't want to do. And somewhere along the way I realized that the real protagonist of the story, wasn't who I thought it was.

Regardless, there has been some major, major reshuffling. The plot line is still the same, but instead of one POV (point of view) there are now three. And the first chapter is now the sixth, seventh and tenth chapter. So much for writing in order. I feel like I am trying to piece together a puzzle. I know what the end is supposed to look like, I have some of the pieces, but not all and I am trying to get everything in its place. The more pieces I get in the right spot the more new pieces I discover. But that's good. At least it allows me to move forward. I know from experience that writer's block, at least when I'm in the midlde of a project, is typically caused by my trying to make something work that isn't supposed to work. Sometimes it takes me a while to see that, to figure out what it is exactly that isn't working, sometimes I take it all apart and put it all together again, just to see what I will get. Some of my best work has been a result of tossing something two days before the deadline and starting over from scratch. I work best under pressure, close to a deadline. The adrenaline fuels creativity. I think. That is my scientific answer.

Anyway, you're goint to love the newly restructured book. It is less of what I like to read and more of what I am, I think, destined to write.

Oh and my word count, after doing 3,837 words today, my total is now 17,934. I can't believe how much I got done today, or how easy it all was. Hopefully the rest of the week will go by as easily as well.


Ok, so I fell of the face of the earth for a little while. So shoot me. I have been writing...well kind of... but I've been swamped at work and things all around seem to be a little crazy so I haven't been able to post as regularly as I would like. It's a lot of work getting the totals and then remembering to write the blog entry and update the nano page too. I should be able to count these words as part of my novel. Hell, I should be able to count that 400 page grant I'm writing at work as part of my novel. (ok that was a little bit of an exageration...ok ok an outright lie...)

regardless here are the quick and dirty stats....

On Tuesday I did 1,337 words...woo hoo. On Wednesday I did 0 words. But look at it this way. There's no where to go but up.

My total is 11,352. I need to catch way up. So I am going to go upchuck some todays words!

Ta Ta....

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oh an excerpt from NANWRIMO Chris...

Yep. We've arrived at Week Two. Let the weeping begin.

As you move from the spring wood of Week One into the trying climate of Week Two, one or all of the following are likely to happen: 1) The fun, good-time feel of the first week will evaporate. 2) You will decide that your book is a miserable failure, that you are a creative fraud, and that novels are best left to novelists. 3) You will put 1 and 2 together, and decide to cut your losses and drop out now while the getting is good and the fall TV season is still relatively new.

Make it through the grumpiness and self-doubt of Week Two, and you'll be rewarded with renewed energy and an eerily improved outlook on your novel. Work diligently through this, the hardest week of NaNoWriMo, and you'll see the tangled mess of your story begin to unknot, and your book begin to soar.

I know it's hard to believe. But look at all the work you've done already. You have characters! You have settings! Your manuscript has grown large enough to injure a small dog! Not that you'd want to injure a dog, small or otherwise. But still, you've done more in the last seven days then most writers accomplish in seven months. You've made it through the first huge week of NaNoWriMo. Yeah...that's it...

I feel like crap right now. I made it to work because I always feel guilty calling off sick, but I think I just might puke all over the keyboard. Sorry, was that too much information?

Yes it is Tuesday Morning and yes the date says Monday. That’s because I’m writing about Monday’s stats…

I managed to get in 1,066 words, which put me up over the 10,000 mark. Woohoo! So my grand total is 10,015!

Congratulate me. Now I’m going to go find a corner to pass out in….

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Day 6: This must be heaven...

Today the writing came easily. Everytime I sat down at the computer I found the words I wanted to say. I've got two really cool characters that are shaping up nicely--Unfortunately neither of them is the protagonist but I think her voice/character/presence will become stronger as I continue writing.

So you want the low-down, dirty stats? ( I know you do...)

Today's Word Count: 1828!
Total Word Count......(insert drumroll here....) 8,949.

Yeah I know, I know. I'm a little short...I should be at 9,996 but hey that's only 1,000 off. That's still a lot of freakin words in one week. Considering on Friday I was at around 4,000 or so. That's a big jump over the weekend.

Best Line: She was dressed in some sort of weird Punk- Goth combination, as-if her wardrobe got confused jumping from one adolescent trend to another.

Worst Line: Most of them...mainly because 99% of the time I don't know what the hell I am talking about!

I just realized I am going to have to make some slight changes in these first few chapters based on establishing a timeline. Right now...I keep jumping back from dawn to broad daylight. I guess I have to pick one or the other and go with it. Just as long as I keep checking for inconsistencies like that.

Ta Ta

Day 5: Gooooood Morning Vietnam!!!!!

It is a beautiful fall day (ok maybe in my dillusional mind) and I am officially at 6,578 words. Not where I wanted to be on the fifth day of this NaNoWriMo competition, but I am happy with it. You've got to pace yourself. It's like running cross-country, you can't sprint the whole way!

Today I did 2,185 words and it all came out pretty easy. I think I can crank out more tomorrow. I don't plan on doing anything besides puttering around the apartment and spewing out 500 words everytime I walk past the computer. I remember the last time I did this challenge. I was living at home with my parents and my little sister. It was a lot harder because they really didn't understand what the challenge was, how difficult it would be, why it was important to me or what it would take to finish. And for me, it is hard to write when there are too many distractions. Noise in the background, the phone ringing off the hook, a messy can all be one big fat distraction. When I first got this apartment I was so excited about the opportunity to have my own dedicated writing space, or to be able to read a book in the living room with actually no disruptions whatsoever. Silence is so rare when you live with a teenager.

Should I give the other stats...

Best Line(s): "What did you expect them to use? A chopper with their hit man logo on it? Maybe an advertisement for the underworld to go with it? He shot towards the side of the helicopter."

Worst Line(s): There all bad!

Mood: Happy and content.

Day Four: Still Slumming Around...

OK, so today the writing went a little better. I added a I said. He's goofy but fun and makes the pages a little easier to write. I think it is hard for me because when I go to write a scene, I don't necessarily visualize it first. I hear it. I hear the dialogue, then I see the characters, then I see the backdrop, the setting etc. Maybe I need to consider writing some screenplays. They make better money anyway...

So I didn't make my goal today either. I doubt I will even though it is only six pm. I left the file I was working on at now I can't remember where I last left off. that's the problem with working with multiple computers. I have three and save everything via multiple email accounts. So yeah...I will go to work tomorrow morning so that I can write off and on throughout the day... many words...I believe 900 or so...maybe 1000. I will have to confirm that tomorrow.

OH yeah...and speaking of countdowns...I am looking forward to the fourth harry potter movie. the fourth book really is my favorite still, although I really did like the sixth one too. I'm not doing a premiere party this year, I will be seeing the midnight showing with my HP friends then on saturday we are going to go see it on IMAX...I think Saturday...Maybe Friday. This is why I need my outlook calendar at all times. Anyone visiting cow-town is welcome to join me!


Day Three: Complete and Utter Failure

I know, I know. I haven't posted stats yet for day three. That's because it was a complete and utter failure. I only managed to get 424 words in. That's abuot a half a page to a page...I don't know. The sad thing is that I was actually trying to write. But everytime I sat down I couldn't come up with anything decent. In fact, it's not even just that the writing is bad, its that my character's are stuck and I still haven't figured out how to keep this scene from being boring.

So I followed the aged old advice and killed off a character...that almost worked. But then she was all alone...wondering around...nothing exciting I had to add in a completely new character...who I was originally thinking I would kill but the more I write with him the more he pleads for his life. I guess well see. At least they have more chemistry on the page than the last two characters had. Anyway..that was the update for thursday.


Day Two...Nano-what-oh?

Ok, so I haven’t reported my update for November 2nd yet… Sorry. Don’t be too disappointed. I didn’t meet my goal. On the other hand I had dinner at an amazing restaurant with amazing people and it was very much worth it. I’ll catch up. I’m psyched about the weekend because I’ll just spend the days puttering around moving from laptop to computer, room to room, writing off and on until I get my words in. So here’s the stats if you’re keeping track. I’ve been swamped today..haven’t even started…looks like it’s going to be a long night. Hey maybe I’ll still be up at 11 and get to watch Smallville!


Novel Title: Book One: Exposure
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy/Horror
Daily Word Count & Pages: 967 words
Total Word Count & Pages:3133 (Technically I am only 92 words behind. I need to do at least 1612 words a day).
Duration of Time Writing (min): Just under 2 hours maybe…it was slow…
Best Line: There were no good lines…or…no…there were no good lines…
Worst Line: “I had an appointment with Colonel Sanders”
Mood: Oddly calm.
General Comments: I keep writing in circles. My characters are trapped beneath a building at the site of an explosion…if I could figure out how the hell they get out then I can speed up the writing again…

Updated on image for a closer view...

Day One: WTF

I must be insane. I am convinced that the only reason I am completing this stupid challenge again is because I mentally blocked all the pain and anguish from the first experience from my mind. I just made it to 1000 words; I need to do at least 1612 words per day if I am going to make 50K by the end of the month. And I know from experience that there will be days where no writing occurs, which means there will also be days when double the writing occurs. I can see my life fading into the distance. This is what Chris, the NaNoWriMo chair said in our week one newsletter…

“Are you crazy?

We here at NaNoWriMo think you might be.

No one in their right mind has ever accomplished anything truly great. It's a delicious sort of insanity to reprioritize your to-do list and move this freaky, creative adventure of novel-writing to the very top.

Well, near the top, anyway.

Showering is important too.

As is napping.

The bathing and sleeping, we'll keep. But as for all the chores and favors and selfless acts of kindness you've spent your life bestowing upon the people around you...Well, in November, you're off duty.


Let the dog walk itself. Empower your kids to drive themselves to school. Nothing instills character in a child like operating a piece of heavy machinery. Cooking? Bah. A host of local fast food chefs stand ready and waiting with a wondrous array of largely edible delights.

Pizza is brain food, after all. And you have more important things to do than cook. You're going to be busy building universes and forging lives. In November, we spare no moments for drudgery, devoting our limited hours instead to frantic typing, long, bookish walks, and soulful glances out the window (which serve as restful interludes between prose creation and much-needed practice for our future book-jacket photo shoots).”

I am insane. This is insane. I’m never going to live to see tomorrow. Dear God, give me strength.

Tomorrow I’ll update you on today’s results. You’ll have to excuse the delay. :)