Day 5: Gooooood Morning Vietnam!!!!!

It is a beautiful fall day (ok maybe in my dillusional mind) and I am officially at 6,578 words. Not where I wanted to be on the fifth day of this NaNoWriMo competition, but I am happy with it. You've got to pace yourself. It's like running cross-country, you can't sprint the whole way!

Today I did 2,185 words and it all came out pretty easy. I think I can crank out more tomorrow. I don't plan on doing anything besides puttering around the apartment and spewing out 500 words everytime I walk past the computer. I remember the last time I did this challenge. I was living at home with my parents and my little sister. It was a lot harder because they really didn't understand what the challenge was, how difficult it would be, why it was important to me or what it would take to finish. And for me, it is hard to write when there are too many distractions. Noise in the background, the phone ringing off the hook, a messy can all be one big fat distraction. When I first got this apartment I was so excited about the opportunity to have my own dedicated writing space, or to be able to read a book in the living room with actually no disruptions whatsoever. Silence is so rare when you live with a teenager.

Should I give the other stats...

Best Line(s): "What did you expect them to use? A chopper with their hit man logo on it? Maybe an advertisement for the underworld to go with it? He shot towards the side of the helicopter."

Worst Line(s): There all bad!

Mood: Happy and content.