Day One: WTF

I must be insane. I am convinced that the only reason I am completing this stupid challenge again is because I mentally blocked all the pain and anguish from the first experience from my mind. I just made it to 1000 words; I need to do at least 1612 words per day if I am going to make 50K by the end of the month. And I know from experience that there will be days where no writing occurs, which means there will also be days when double the writing occurs. I can see my life fading into the distance. This is what Chris, the NaNoWriMo chair said in our week one newsletter…

“Are you crazy?

We here at NaNoWriMo think you might be.

No one in their right mind has ever accomplished anything truly great. It's a delicious sort of insanity to reprioritize your to-do list and move this freaky, creative adventure of novel-writing to the very top.

Well, near the top, anyway.

Showering is important too.

As is napping.

The bathing and sleeping, we'll keep. But as for all the chores and favors and selfless acts of kindness you've spent your life bestowing upon the people around you...Well, in November, you're off duty.


Let the dog walk itself. Empower your kids to drive themselves to school. Nothing instills character in a child like operating a piece of heavy machinery. Cooking? Bah. A host of local fast food chefs stand ready and waiting with a wondrous array of largely edible delights.

Pizza is brain food, after all. And you have more important things to do than cook. You're going to be busy building universes and forging lives. In November, we spare no moments for drudgery, devoting our limited hours instead to frantic typing, long, bookish walks, and soulful glances out the window (which serve as restful interludes between prose creation and much-needed practice for our future book-jacket photo shoots).”

I am insane. This is insane. I’m never going to live to see tomorrow. Dear God, give me strength.

Tomorrow I’ll update you on today’s results. You’ll have to excuse the delay. :)