Day Two...Nano-what-oh?

Ok, so I haven’t reported my update for November 2nd yet… Sorry. Don’t be too disappointed. I didn’t meet my goal. On the other hand I had dinner at an amazing restaurant with amazing people and it was very much worth it. I’ll catch up. I’m psyched about the weekend because I’ll just spend the days puttering around moving from laptop to computer, room to room, writing off and on until I get my words in. So here’s the stats if you’re keeping track. I’ve been swamped today..haven’t even started…looks like it’s going to be a long night. Hey maybe I’ll still be up at 11 and get to watch Smallville!


Novel Title: Book One: Exposure
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy/Horror
Daily Word Count & Pages: 967 words
Total Word Count & Pages:3133 (Technically I am only 92 words behind. I need to do at least 1612 words a day).
Duration of Time Writing (min): Just under 2 hours maybe…it was slow…
Best Line: There were no good lines…or…no…there were no good lines…
Worst Line: “I had an appointment with Colonel Sanders”
Mood: Oddly calm.
General Comments: I keep writing in circles. My characters are trapped beneath a building at the site of an explosion…if I could figure out how the hell they get out then I can speed up the writing again…