It's week....

ok, I know. I am so flippin far behind. But don't think I gave up yet. I'm determined. Perseverence is the key.

But in my defense a lot has happened in the past week...and I still managed to get some writing in despite it all. Last Wednesday I was in a tiny little accident...that caused tremendous pain in my back and made it extremely uncomfortable to sit in a chair for more than an hour let alone sit and think. That was followed by a Harry Potter infestation. Go Go Gryffindor. (Go see the movie...unless you're like my sister, the only person who hasn't read the'll enjoy it.) Now I am packing to leave town for the holidays. Ha. Don't think I'll get too much writing done, but I am taking my laptop anyway. Since I'm very much a morning person I figure I can sneak a few thousand words in while everyone else is sleeping. And the road should provide much needed time for reading and sleeping.

So that is it...oh my word count right now...21,122!!! Not even half way. Oh Well. Should we take bets on how far I can get before the 30th?

Happy Turkey Day!!!