Halfway there....

Howdy from Texas! It's  official. We've crossed the halfway point in both days and words. I just hit 31k last night.  So I am ahead of the official pacing. Yay! I still have a long way to go to get to my personal goal. Can we say turkey and dressing and keyboards oh my! Today is day two of conference week. It is 6:00 AM Central time, and I have twenty minutes to get dressed and 15 minutes to write, if I am lucky. Then set up. I'm wondering when throughout the day I can sneak in some extra words. I just can't stand a day with zero.  I'd love to write more, but no time to waste. Maybe tomorrow.

Week One Comes to a Close

Hey Folks,

The end of Week one is drawing to a close and a lot has happened in my NaNo Journey.  I'm still ahead of the official NaNo pace, with 14,665 words. I am pushing to get to 20k by the end of the day.  It's not the writing itself that takes time but the knowing what to write that is hard.  This year I've been scene jumping, which basically means that if I don't know exactly what is supposed to happen in a certain scene and I don't want to waste writing time trying to figure it out I move on. I'm using Scrivener so it is easy hop around and lets face it, by the time I finish this first draft there is a good chance I am going to move these scenes around anyway, so why stress about writing in chronological order?

I think it has actually made me more productive. I mean sure if I skip scene two and then later when I actually get around to writing it discover that my main character only has one leg, well yes I am going to have a lot of editing on my hands. But I know my characters pretty well and I know the story. So major revisions as a result of left field surprises aren't as likely. In my opinion, it's too much time and energy when what I need to be doing is polishing it up and sending it out.  But jumping scenes allows me to write what I'm most passionate and excited about. There are certain character who when brought together on stage are just hilarious. Those scenes are fun to write and because they come so naturally. I can move a lot faster in a short amount of time. And once I work out the logistics of a scene and better understand the character's motivations, those scenes will become fun too and I get really excited about cranking them out.

So here is the plan for today. I'm going to take a few hours to plot and outline so that I can keep cranking out pages this week. With all of the craziness at work this is the only time I have to do that stuff.  I'll through in a couple of writing blocks in between so I can move further ahead in my word total. It is kind of a catch-22. I can either write fast now, get to my goal and then get stuck tomorrow and fall behind or pause and strategize so that I can keep writing this week without spacing out. I think I will go with the later, in an attempt to save my sanity. But well see how that goes.

Thanks for all your encouragement.  Click on the chip-in widget to donate to Wicked Jungle and the OLL foundation. We are still far from our goal and even a dollar helps!

NaNo Day 2

Today was a rough day. I woke up this morning and was still exhausted. My stomach was upset, I had trouble writing and about a billion emails waiting to be answered. Long days of both writing and work are hard. One can only spend so much time staring at a computer screen.  Somehow I managed to squeak out another 2350 words, which puts my two day total somewhere around 5200.  I also managed to eat all of my emergency chocolate. In my defense, it wasn't that much chocolate to begin with and if it had been a true emergency, I may have perished. But still. Not a great way to start the second day. Hoping tomorrow gets better. I like that I have some scenes planned out, but wish that I had more time to prep! It makes the writing go so much faster. That's all. No great words of wisdom today. Just proof that you can keep slogging through even when all you want to do is crawl into bed and eat chocolate.

Become a WickedNaNo Warrior!!

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NaNo Is here!

It's November first and that means NaNoWriMo has officially started. I stayed up until Midnight so that I could celebrate the start of November with the first 500 words of my book. I made good on my promise to do my first hour of writing in the morning, before I switch gears and devote all my time and energy to my real job, and yes, I got my day one goal in. Now I am working towards my "stretch goal" of 2800 words, which means I still have about 1000 words to write tonight. But I think that is doable. If I can get more, I might keep trucking along. I need to make up for the days I know I will be too crazy busy to get my quota.

I love the first scene (which is almost complete). It is sooooo good to be writing again and my characters are very happy to see me. It's like the first day of school after a long summer break and we are all eager to see what is going to happen this year.

Stay tuned!