NaNo Day 2

Today was a rough day. I woke up this morning and was still exhausted. My stomach was upset, I had trouble writing and about a billion emails waiting to be answered. Long days of both writing and work are hard. One can only spend so much time staring at a computer screen.  Somehow I managed to squeak out another 2350 words, which puts my two day total somewhere around 5200.  I also managed to eat all of my emergency chocolate. In my defense, it wasn't that much chocolate to begin with and if it had been a true emergency, I may have perished. But still. Not a great way to start the second day. Hoping tomorrow gets better. I like that I have some scenes planned out, but wish that I had more time to prep! It makes the writing go so much faster. That's all. No great words of wisdom today. Just proof that you can keep slogging through even when all you want to do is crawl into bed and eat chocolate.