The Barbara Freethy Factor: Ground Breaking, Earth Shattering, Indie-Publishing Success

There is nothing I like better than a good indie publishing story. To get this, you have to understand a little about me. I've always loved the publishing industry. From the moment I articulated to my family that I wanted to become a writer, I became obsessed with learning the business. I wanted to know everything I could about publishing so that I could make writing a full-time career. A starving artist future was not in my modest but comfy set standard of living. I wanted to get paid to do what I love.

Ten years later, I stumbled upon self-publishing and haven't looked back. A fleeting conversation with Courtney Milan followed by the best most informative workshop on how to get started with indie publishing completely changed my whole life. So yes, I am a big fan of anyone you can make it and the indie publishing business. Whether you've been traditionally published in the past, or you are starting from scratch with no writing credits to your name.