Happy Holidays....

Good Morning!!!

I hope that everyone had a happy, happy holiday. I know that I did. My Christmas was filled with all the people I love, including friends from afar. It’s funny how with really good friends, you can go months or years without seeing them and it still feels like no time has went by when you get together.

That’s the way it is with my blog right? No matter how long I drift, when I come back it feels like no time has passed….right? J

Well I have nothing new to report. I didn’t finish the Nano challenge. I got a little distracted…between my accident, my mother’s surgery and the holidays I just didn’t have enough hours. My final total was just under 22,000 words. That’s almost halfway there…and I’m still writing…so that is good too.

I know the question you are all asking…why is it taking so long…? When are we going to get to read one of your really awesome stories? When do we get to go to a book signing….or a totally awesome book release party? I’ll get there. January is my month!!! Less stress at work and a plot line that gets clearer every single day. I had a little bit of trouble really finding my characters. I had a protagonist that changed on me…but with each change the story gets stronger and better. I’m not in a race to get a final polished copy done, because I want to write a good book and when I just write to get words down I spend twice as much time revising than I would have spent if I had just slowed down and thought it through.

On the short story side, my favorite market closed. (Tear). I have a short coming out on Sciencefictionfantasyhorror.com but the editor is very behind and I haven’t been given a date for publication yet. The contract on the other hand has been signed! Woo Hoo. I submitted another short to the half price books writing contest. But I won’t know anything about that until like march. It’s actually more of a poem than a short story but I really like it and I hope that if I don’t get chosen as a finalist that I will be able to sell it to another market. If I do get chosen the bookstore will publish it nationwide!!! That would be completely and totally awesome…and you don’t get royalties or anything because the money made is donated to literacy projects but it’s wonderful publicity, and exposure and I would be totally, totally psyched. (How many times have I said “totally”?)

So that is my update. I will keep writing and putting a tally up on the blog…so that you all know I am making progress. My other goal is to actually attend my writing group this month. I have missed three meetings in a row because of conflicting schedules. But I am forcing myself to attend by posting something for review. So ask me if I went to my January meeting!

Merry Christmas!!