Teaser Tuesday: Sexy Vamps and Small Spaces

It's time for another Teaser Tuesday. In celebration of the pre-order going live for Forbidden Alpha, I've included a new excerpt from the novel. Check it out and be sure to reserve your copy today.


     Ethan pulled the red emergency button, and the elevator stuttered to a halt somewhere between the third and fourth floors. I stared at him, mouth hanging open. He had always been so melodramatic. “I want to know if there’s something going on between you and Jarret.” 
     “No,” I said too quickly to be convincing. “What would give you that idea?”
     “You.” He said it very simply, as if I were supposed to comprehend the logic behind his statement. 
     I flung my arms out in irritation. 
     “I mention his name and your palms get sweaty, your heart rate spikes, and you smell like lust. You know what that smells like, right?” he asked. “Your business is all about desire and reading the signs. Don’t pretend I’m wrong.”
     I closed my mouth, lest I blurt out something we’d both regret, and took another step into the corner. “Just start the elevator. Some of us need a constant supply of oxygen to survive.”

     If you want to learn more about Chai and her rag-tag group of friends...

The Barbara Freethy Factor: Ground Breaking, Earth Shattering, Indie-Publishing Success

There is nothing I like better than a good indie publishing story. To get this, you have to understand a little about me. I've always loved the publishing industry. From the moment I articulated to my family that I wanted to become a writer, I became obsessed with learning the business. I wanted to know everything I could about publishing so that I could make writing a full-time career. A starving artist future was not in my modest but comfy set standard of living. I wanted to get paid to do what I love.

Ten years later, I stumbled upon self-publishing and haven't looked back. A fleeting conversation with Courtney Milan followed by the best most informative workshop on how to get started with indie publishing completely changed my whole life. So yes, I am a big fan of anyone you can make it and the indie publishing business. Whether you've been traditionally published in the past, or you are starting from scratch with no writing credits to your name.

New Short Story!!

I'm so excited to share that my short story, Trouble with Vodka, is now available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.com. This is a prequel to Dirty Little Liars, but IT DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SPOILERS!!!

Below is the cover image and blurb. I hope that you will check it out. It's currently $.99 and free to Amazon Prime members.

Reader Author Get Together!! Free Fun!

I'm so excited to be attending my first Reader Author Get Together in Cincinnati. I'll be traveling south next weekend with some fellow Central Ohio Fiction Writers and meeting fans from across the country. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about (That would have been me two years ago), here's a quick description and link about the event.

The Official Reader Author Get Together Page
The annual Reader & Author Get Together takes place in West Chester, Ohio, June 6th to 9th. The purpose is to bring together authors & readers, with other industry professionals, like editors, agents, publishers and publicists, in a very casual and friendly atmosphere. Throughout the weekend there are several events, including a dance, trivia, a raffle drawing, author meet and greets, and two book sales (both of which are open to the public).