Reader Author Get Together!! Free Fun!

I'm so excited to be attending my first Reader Author Get Together in Cincinnati. I'll be traveling south next weekend with some fellow Central Ohio Fiction Writers and meeting fans from across the country. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about (That would have been me two years ago), here's a quick description and link about the event.

The Official Reader Author Get Together Page
The annual Reader & Author Get Together takes place in West Chester, Ohio, June 6th to 9th. The purpose is to bring together authors & readers, with other industry professionals, like editors, agents, publishers and publicists, in a very casual and friendly atmosphere. Throughout the weekend there are several events, including a dance, trivia, a raffle drawing, author meet and greets, and two book sales (both of which are open to the public).

I will be attending several of the events on Friday and Saturday, hoping to meet some new readers! I will also be selling paperback and e-book copies of Dirty Little Liars so if you are in the Cincinnati area, please come out and see me on Friday night! I'm happy to sign copies of books at the book sale.

I've created two great raffle baskets as giveaways for RAGT. For those of you who cannot attend, be sure to check out my Facebook page as I will be running a few online giveaways to share a little of the Reader Love.

Giveaway #1: My newest release, Trouble with Vodka, will be free on Friday and Saturday only!! Download ASAP to read this sexy prequel to Dirty Little Liars. (No spoilers are included in the prequel).

Giveaway #2: Newsletter Mania! Subscribe to my newsletter and get entered to win a free $10 Amazon gift card. All sign-ups must be made by 12 PM Eastern (i.e. noon), Sunday June 9th. I will announce the winners of the drawing on Monday June 10th on my blog and Facebook page.

Good luck to all! Happy Reading.