The Business of Writing: Money

We are artists. We are more concerned with our craft than selling out. Money is irrelevant, and all that jazz.

Yeah right. Money is money and writers want (and probably deserve) it just like any other hard working soul. Yet so many folks enter the business and have no idea what they are doing. They have limited understanding of the way the publishing business works, and thus sometimes foolish expectations of their value. Thus whenever I can post something about the money behind the writing, I do. So here is a great resource (SHOW ME THE MONEY) from romance writer Brenda Hiatt, who broke down typical advances and earnings for major publishers in the romance genre.

Sample breakdown of the info on each publisher:
Avon/HarperCollins ...........................................................................................46
Average advance (first book): $17,000 Median: $7,000
Average advance (subsequent books): $26,500 Median: $13,000
Advance range: $5000 - $100,000
Standard royalty percentage: 8%
Average earn-out: $23,000 Median: $26,500 Range: $12,000 - $35,000

I've got your attention now, don't I?

These numbers are pretty on par for most genres, but if you don't believe me you can check out The Business of Money (part 1) to take a glance at some Sci-Fi and Fantasy figures. Like any industry, there are publishers who fall much higher or lower than the average, so remember to take outliers with a grain of salt. Also remember to note the sample size. I haven't been able to find anything conducted en masse, by an established writers association like SFWA or RWA.

Enjoy! And if you find any other good resources on "The Money" feel free to post a link in the comments section.

Urban Fantasy Author Vicki Pettersson free read

I just found a cool free read.

The folks over at Eos, who in honor of the release (on June 30) of the latest novel from urban fantasy author Vicki Pettersson, are offering a free online read of her very first novel, The Scent of Shadows. You can find that here at the Eos site. They also have up a sneak peak at the aforementioned June 30th release, City of Souls.

I don't know how long it lasts, so take advantage of this ASAP.

Vicious Circle Author Interview and Contest

My friend Linda is getting all geared up for the release of her first novel Vicious Circle! YAY!!! The book comes out on June 30th and I must say, it is an absolute thrilling read. And if you hop on over to the League of Reluctant Adults you can enter to win a signed copy of the book!! Oh and there is a fun interview so that you can get to know the magical mind behind the curtain pulling all the strings.


Honestly folks, I think you will enjoy this one. And the second books is even better! Again, as a lucky friend I got to read an advanced copy. :)


RIP Michael Jacskon 1958 -2009

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the passing of one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century, certainly the greatest in my lifetime. Michael Jackson was an international superstar, an entertainer that shaped generations of artists to come, and no matter how you felt about him personally, you cannot deny the tremendous legacy he has made in the music world. Though he has left this world for another, his music will continue to live on. So it is his honor that I add this video of one of my all time favorite MJ songs (nothing sappy, here!). Off the 1987 album "Bad" My personal favorite, "Dirty Diana".

Official True Blood Season 2 Trailer (HBO)

Here's a newer trailer. Sorry It's late. Oh, and someone on YouTube was hating on TrueBlood because they said it was Twilight that started the vamp craze, and well, hello. That's just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. There are tons of popular books, tv shows, and movies around vampire that existed before twilight! It has and will continue to be a trend that goes in and out of style with the masses. Lucky for me, I like vamps always!

2009 MTV Movie Awards: A Mess

As usual MTV provided a random hoopla of teen angst and drama at this Year's Movie Awards. But really, what did you expect? Twilight managed to sweep everything it was nominated for except Best song, which Miley Cyrus stole from under them. I never thought I'd be cheering on the Disney Queen!

If anything last nights performance proves that when you get a bunch of hormone crazed girls in front of the perfect man "Edward" (the character not the RPatz the actor) they will stop at nothing short of obsession to be a part of that world, even if it means supporting a pretty lame movie w/some bad actors, weird hair, awkward pauses and lets face it hideous hair. I'm talking to you KStew and RPatz. You will one day look back on this film and ask yourself why, what in the world posessed you that your hair actually looked good and that dress wasn't from a prop closet in a spiderman set.

Oh and then their were the adults who were acting like moronic idiots as well, like Sasha Baron Cohen (whom I absolutely cannot stand). When he put his bare ass in Eminem's face a fight practically stormed out and one person stormed out of the auditorium. But really, even if he is a little homophobic, could SBCohen have gotten away with this if it had been a woman? Me thinks there would have been lots of grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit and rightfully deserved.

Overall the night was kind of like watching a trainwreck and a bad high school reunion popularity contest, where people dressed wierd, tried too hard to be cool, and made way too many penis jokes. What are we twelve? Oh wait. That is probably their target demographic right?

Anyway, so you don't have to watch the whole horrid thing on Tivo or DVR you can see the best parts below, including the official trailer for NEW MOON and an exclusive (well no longer) clip of HARRY POTTER: HALF-BLOOD PRINCE.


Harry Potter: HBP New Scene

New Moon Official Trailer!!!

SBCohen &Eminem both Asses