Day...Could it really be the 15th?

So this is it. The midway point. It's too bad my word count isn't at the midway point. I can say this much, last week sucked. I didn't think it was possible to suck that much, but it was. There were several days when I got very little words in, others when I didn't get anything done at all. And it wasn't because I'm not talented enough to sit down and crank out 1000 words. I can do that in an hour or less. But it's the plotting, the planning, the trying to weave different story arcs together, and wondering if you've even got a story arc at all. I kept getting forced into situations that I didn't like, and I was forcing the characters to do things they didn't want to do. And somewhere along the way I realized that the real protagonist of the story, wasn't who I thought it was.

Regardless, there has been some major, major reshuffling. The plot line is still the same, but instead of one POV (point of view) there are now three. And the first chapter is now the sixth, seventh and tenth chapter. So much for writing in order. I feel like I am trying to piece together a puzzle. I know what the end is supposed to look like, I have some of the pieces, but not all and I am trying to get everything in its place. The more pieces I get in the right spot the more new pieces I discover. But that's good. At least it allows me to move forward. I know from experience that writer's block, at least when I'm in the midlde of a project, is typically caused by my trying to make something work that isn't supposed to work. Sometimes it takes me a while to see that, to figure out what it is exactly that isn't working, sometimes I take it all apart and put it all together again, just to see what I will get. Some of my best work has been a result of tossing something two days before the deadline and starting over from scratch. I work best under pressure, close to a deadline. The adrenaline fuels creativity. I think. That is my scientific answer.

Anyway, you're goint to love the newly restructured book. It is less of what I like to read and more of what I am, I think, destined to write.

Oh and my word count, after doing 3,837 words today, my total is now 17,934. I can't believe how much I got done today, or how easy it all was. Hopefully the rest of the week will go by as easily as well.