Charlaine Harris Extravaganza!!

Looks like I am not the one celebrating the Cinco de Mayo release of the next Southern Vampires book, Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris. Borders has put together a fun True Blood Fan page to generate excitement and buzz around the book releas this Tuesday and the True Blood Season 1 DVD release on May 19th! This specially created page includes great stuff on both the TV series and the books, including the brand new cover images for the books that are getting "re-released" and some extra special goodies from Charlaine herself.

Here's a look at what you can find on

  • Behind-the-scenes footage - A sneak peek at the making of the TRUE BLOOD series, including interviews with director Alan Ball and actors Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie Stackhouse, and Stephen Moyer, who plays her 173-year-old vampire boyfriend Bill Compton.
  • Character pieces - Video vignettes on favorite TRUE BLOOD characters including Sookie, Bill, Sam, Tara, Jason and Lafayette.
  • Series trailer - Exciting highlights of scenes from the first season of the hit HBO series.
  • Chapter excerpt - Advanced access to a unique excerpt chosen by the author - and unavailable anywhere else - of Harris' highly anticipated new release "Dead and Gone."
  • Exclusive Q&A with Harris - In this Q&A, Harris reveals how she feels about her enigmatic leading lady Sookie.
  • Exclusive author essay - Titled "Sookie and Me and HBO," the essay explores Harris' thoughts on HBO's adaptation of her books.
  • Not-yet-published book covers - Fans can get an advance look at yet-to-be released book covers for Harris' other Sookie Stackhouse novels: "Living Dead in Dallas," "Club Dead," "Dead to the World," "Dead as a Doornail" and "All Together Dead."

Also don't forget to register for our own 24 hour Countdown to Sookie Contest! You can win a copy of Dead and Gone and your choice of a True Blood T-Shirt!!! As the name suggests, you can only enter for the 24 hour period, and it's already started! The drawing will take place on Tuesday 12PM Eastern time. So get steppin!