A little fun for the fans...

Here is a quick poem that I wrote based off of a writing prompt and photo. I love getting inspiration from photography, asking myself what the story is behind the image. I liked this so much I had to share. In case you are wondering the photo is the same one as the cover of the book.

The Chair

There is a chair in my mother’s house that makes me forget to breathe.

It stands in the corner

across from the window

overlooking the front porch

and the

ankle high grass

and the

small dirt path

and the

fishing stoop where grandpa lost track

of time

I lower myself into its waiting arms.

The worn leather chills my skin.

It molds around my body

like the muddy

rust colored

clay that clings to the hillside behind the barn.

If I close my eyes…

the ghost of my father dances through me-

the scent of Old Spice sweetens the air.


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