Polar Bears, TV Shows and Other Monday Musings

Today is quiet. I don’t have any exciting news to share or issues to rant about. It is cold here; there were snowflakes this morning…which is almost unbelievable considering the gorgeous day on Saturday. The BF and I went out to one of the metro parks, “hiking”. He says it is not real hiking because there were paths. I say, there were trees, dirt and hills. That’s close enough. I think I have some good shots of the woods we were in. I will post a few for your viewing pleasure.

Yesterday I was inspired and made pumpkin soup. It was not that great. Relatively easy to make, but very bland. We decided it needed to be sweetened so I added some brown sugar. Perfect. Went along nicely with the cornbread (which was also sweet). Yesterday I had to work. We had a donor event and did a live video feed with some researchers in Churchill, Manitoba. It was pretty cool. They were in a tundra buggy and we could see a polar bear lounging around. It wasn’t all that snowy there…very rocky landscape.

I am still writing…kind of. For those of you who don’t know…I started writing in journals and then transcribing everything on my computer/laptop. The writing is faster if I do it by hand. For some reason I feel less pressure and I can just let the words flow. The white screen can be intimidating. I also get caught up on things like how many words I have done, how many pages I’ve covered etc. This way those distractions aren’t there anymore and I can just write. What it means though, is that I am still typing up the last two chapters. They are long chapters too and it is taking a while. Sometimes it is hard to read my own damn writing! This weekend I found a stand at a garage sale that I can set my journal on…so it makes typing easier. And now that the laptop is working…I have found sitting in bed, watching TV and typing away is a good way to kill time and make some progress.

Last night I watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. James Denton, who plays Mike on DH was interviewed on the radio this morning and he was the nicest guy. He talked about being on set and falling asleep while he was in a coma! He talked about the crazy paparazzi that the girls on the show go through…and even gave a big hint to the sweeps week show….which we kind of already knew…(if you listen to the morning zoo’s celebrity sleaze) but I won’t share it here. Then there is the Brothers & Sisters…I really like this show. Despite the fact that I like Sally Field and Calista Flockhart, I love big families. I love the dynamics and the relationships that evolve, how certain siblings form stronger bonds with others… etc. I like that they aren’t perfect, even though they have a lot of money… The reality I know is that people probably fight harder, forgive less and the parents are completely exhausted…but what can I say.

I am going to move on now to something else…not that I don’t love you all. Just have other stuff that needs to get done.