Grey's Anatomy & The Fray

It is finally Thursday, which means it is finally time for Grey’s Anatomy. McDreamy vs. McSteamy…who could ask for anything more?

Honestly, I don’t just like this show because of the hot doctors…there’s something about being at a point in your life when everyone expects you to know everything and simultaneously…you realize that you don’t have any flipping idea what you’re doing. And somewhere along the way…you became a grown up, with responsibilities, relationships…and perhaps a little too much freedom. Maybe if I was older, I wouldn’t like this show as much…but my boss likes it…so then again….

At this point, right now…I feel like I am on the verge of greatness. A major crossroads…the cusp of so many life altering milestones…from family and friends…to career…there is so much potential and it is scary and exhilarating all at the same time.

That in a nut shell is my justification for my obsession with Patrick Dempsey, I mean Grey’s Anatomy. How can you not love Meredith! In honor of it being one day closer to the weekend, I thought I would share the GA music video. Fun.