Jim Butcher Dresden Files

If you ask me what the ultimate success of my career would be, I would tell you having one of my published novels be turned into a successful tv series. Mainly because just like with books, I know how obsessive people can become about tv shows. Trust me. I sat on the couch glued to the tv for my weekly dose of McDreamy. So I thought I would share with you some interview clips of fun writers who are in the middle of tv deals. I will admit I haven't actually read Jim Butcher, but I own five of his books and the bf loves them so they must be good. I'll get around to that. Maybe before the tv show airs.

Check out the promo here.

I will put up the author interview a little later. I think this is enough to chew on in one day.

Have fun.

Writing status: Last chapter of the book, trying to kill of the villain in a not so lame way.