Friday the 13

Well. I should have known we'd find the dead mouse on Friday the thirteenth. How could it have happened any other way. Of all places it was in my co-workers locked drawer. The smell...which we thought was starting to go away, was more like an explosion of foul odors when we opened drawer. I'm told nothing smells worse than a decaying body. I suppose the smell doesn't get any better when the corpse is a billion times the size of the little field mouse.

I just thought I would share that news. I am at lunch right now and watching the pilot episode of the Nine, which so far is totally awesome. I used to worry about watching too many tv shows. Now I call it research. With reality tv on the decline and shows with some iota of substance returning...I can't help myself. Check out the show online. At least the first fifteen minutes. Tell me what you think.