Halloween is a wierd day

It must be halloween because I dressed up like a burrito and went to Chipotle! There is something odd about standing in line with a bunch of people dressed in foil! But the free burrito was worth it. Guess which body part I had covered in foil?

There was some sort of shooting in Powell. For those of you who don't know where Powell is, it is this old little mile long town just outside of columbus. Mainly little old antique shops and crafty type stores. The speed limit is still 25 and I remember when the freaked out about changing the flashing light to an actual traffic signal. Nothing happens in Powell. I should know, I've lived here forever and a day. It is also about a half a mile from where I work. Aparrently the guy was trying to commit suicide and his family called 911. When the police arrived, he shot at them...and then barricaded himself in the house. Eventually he let his wife and daughter out, but I don't know what happened after that. It's sad. They said he was sick, has had a lot of health problems and was just depressed. Some days can be darker than others I guess. I understand the frustration. It can be hard. I hope he's okay and gets help.

I got a flu shot today. Did you know that you can't be allergic to chickens or eggs?

That's all I got today. Enjoy the Halloween Video!