The Almost Perfect Weekend...

It was an almost perfect weekend. I spent the weekend with family up at Salt Fork. We had a cabin and despite the fact that we got saddled with the smallest of the three...I still had a wonderful time there. It was too short. We should have stayed another day, but oh well.

This morning I finished the novel. Ok, well the first draft. I feel likeI've been waiting forever for this moment, I should be jumping for joy. Instead I'm cleaning. Always a bad sign. I'm not one to milk attention or do overly outlandish and dramatic things. So I didn't spill my guts when my mother called or my sister came over. I didn't write a thousand word email to my best friend just so that I could feel like I had someone on my side. I just did the laundry, washed the dishes, took out the trash and then followed it up with an hour of sleezy tv. I wouldn't have even mentioned it here, except that I thought I owed it to you all, to share that the novel--the first draft anyway--is complete. That of course should come with an explanation of why I am not on cloud nine...and this is the best I can do.

Oh and sorry about the video links...I hear the page load is pretty slow. Not sure what to do about that...or the RSS site feed that doesn't want to cooperate with the My Yahoo feature. Maybe it is anti-google. I'm going to go find something else to do...another load of laundry maybe, and the bathroom....why not.

Then maybe it will be time to go to bed....and I can get up and dread another long week of work.

I'll try to be in better spirits tomorrow.