How to Save a Life

The world is my muse, or so it seems. Yesterday I was in love with male musicians. I downloaded some new songs from iTunes (How to Save a Life, The Fray; Waiting for the World to Change, John Mayer; Chasing Cars and Hands Open, Snow Patrol) and they have been playing continuously ever since. I am certain I will be sick of them in a month and wonder why I ever bought them, but for now…woohoo. I immediately put them on my “Male Factor” playlist. I listen to this a lot when I am writing. I just can’t help myself. It seems there are either more men singing the type of alternative, lyrical songs I like or I just don’t know how to find the ladies. Maybe deep down I wanted to be a band groupie.

This morning I saw the most amazing rainbow. It lit up the sky like a gift from God. How can a day go wrong when it starts off so beautiful. It made me want to write…so I started in on that last chapter. I will probably rewrite the whole thing…it is pretty weak. But just to be finished will be good.

For those of you interested in my journey to writerhood...I will be attending the writing workshop this weekend at Context. I am very excited about this. A whole weekend of panels, workshops, and critiquing. Plus I get to see old friends and make new ones. Ellen Datlow and Maureen McHugh will both be in attendance. I have met them both before and they were very nice, so I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

Next steps will be finishing the synopsis and cover letter and then rewriting the first three chapters. In my new outline the story starts earlier than what I already have written, so it’s back to the keyboard for me. The three new chapters mean changes through out the manuscript but they also tie things together nicely. That is the whole point, right?

I hope to crank through this bad boy and have a completed manuscript and submission package ready by the end of the year. It is exciting, busy, but also a but scary. Lots of stuff to do and very little time to do it.