Writeshop Meeting

I just got home from my writshop meeting. It was great. I love going to meetings and talking with other writers. It keeps me so inspired and motivated. It helps knowing that there is someone out there who understands the daily pain and torture that is writing. It is also great having someone who you look up to and respect, someone whose writing you admire, compliment and praise your work. I learned something about my writing tonight. Something that I never learned in my years of schooling. I discovered where my weaknesses are as a writer. Taking a page from Laurell's book, (pun intended) The next thing that I write will be a direct challenge to my weakness.

I also love workshopping my stories, because it is like test-driving a car. It's fresh and new. It's exciting. But you can't tell a lot about a car until you get into it, feel it on the road. I feel like you can't know completely what a story is until you've tested it out, and revamped it a little.

Anyway, I am very tired. I have been critiquing stories all day, mainly because I got a little carried away on v-day. oh well. Life is short. Play hard.