Still Here..Still Around

Its been a while... but I am still here, still around.

I finally got a critique back from a friend. It was really helpful, more helpful than most since she actually reads and enjoys the same style and genre that I do. But I just have not been motivated enough to make all the edits that need to be made. And there aren't even that many, but there is a lot of thought that must go into it. Each line, has to be very strategically placed for the desired effect. Most people don't realize that. In high school we always joked about analyzing literature to death. Someone always said, I bet the author never even thought of this. I say that is just a myth to discredit the great writers of our time. I think they knew damn well what they were doing. Why do you think so many writers are alcoholics. It ain't easy. But sometimes in life, nothing ever is. And what if it was, would it be worth it? I mean really worth it?

My friend wrote in her comments that she loved my title, that she envied me for being able to come up with great titles. I think that is so bizarre, because I can come up with tons of titles, it is often the first thing that comes to me. But then I have to hunt and dig for the story. Sometimes the story I find has nothing to do with the title and I have to change it. I hate when I have to waste a good title. Maybe I should just keep a running tab so that when I write I can go back and look at it and pick the appropriate title.

Sometimes characters come to me. I have been inspired by photos, pictures, actors, songs. You never know. Stories are all around. The hard thing is making sure it is an interesting story. Anyway, I almost deleted this twice so I am going to stop now and go to sleep. Good Night. Sleep Tight.