Sunday Already?

It is Sunday already and once again I find myself wondering where the weekend went. I managed to finish my short story, although it wasn't the same short story I had intended to finish, it is good enough to workshop. I am at that point now, where I start to get really critical of my work. I start to question the plot and integrity of the story. Is it really a story that is worth telling? Is this really where it should end, or did it end here because I grew tired of writing? I know that it is not the best that I can do, but I also know that there comes a time when you have to let go. So I am letting go of this one. I will revisit it in a week after gaining new perspective and insight from my writing peers.

The biggest question is what to do now. I have a lot of reading that needs to get done. Laurell's new book is sitting on my bed. I am having trouble getting through it because it is not my favorite series. I am not sure what it is about this that differs from the Anita books. I would say that their is more magic, but that is not true. There is different magic, not more. I'd say there is more sex, but again, it seems that it is merely different, The context, the premise, the motives, it is just different. But then again, it should be. I mean it is a completely different series, in a different book, with different characters. I think perhaps what bothers me is simply that I knew Anita first, that I am completely enthralled in her character and the stories she tells, that I cannot help but to compare Merry to her. I have expectations of Merry that shouldn't be there and it is not fair that she be forced to live in Anita's shadow. But the reality of it for me, is that she does. And I think that she will at least for a couple more books. Then maybe Merry will be defined enough to stand on her own.

Oh well. No reason to over analyze this to death. I should just shut up and read the book. Critique the other writeshop stories and try to get through another week.