PoliSci Dump

I might as well say this because I think, and hope it is evident in my writing, but I am very into politics. I was a Political Science Major in College, I was active in local politics, and I even helped to run some campaigns. Although I decided that being involved with politics was not the right direction for me, I still have quite a few friends who are playing the game. I bring this up not because I am trying to persuade people to get more involved with politics, or woo undecided voters over to the candidate I deem most worthy, but because I received an email from an old friend that reminded me of how lucky both of us are. The passion that he has for politics is not that different from the passion I have for writing. And we are lucky, that at so young an age, we found something that makes us happy, something that we wish to pursue as a career. We are lucky because everyday I see so many people that have gotten caught up in the sidelines and are too afraid to get back on the right path because of bills, and kids and all those other responsibilities that make us too old way too fast. So that is my wish for you today. May you be fortunate enough to find your passion and brave enough to pursue it.