The Writer In Me

There is one thing that I set out to do as a writer. And much to my great surprise I have already done it. I started writing because the stories of another author touched me so deeply and profoundly that it helped to shape the person I am. There is something so powerful about a work of fiction that can motivate and inspire change in your own life. That might just be the goal of every great storyteller. To have some kind of lasting impact on the reader. To help them look at a situation in a manner in which they never considered.

For me, my goal in writing was simply touch my readers in their personal lives. To give them a sense of hope and faith. To share some laughter and shed some tears. To become a place of refuge when the world around them seems to have gone cold. I realized long ago the amazing gift that writers and storytellers have. One author that I know, she sends free books to the soldiers oversees. But amazes me most is that she sends emails to her fan list to encourage them to do the same. It is times like this that I realize how lucky I am and hopefully will continue to be. I think that in any field, when you acquire a following it is important that you use your position to do good in the world. I am far from developing a fan base, but I have been told on different occasions that my writing motivates and inspires people, that they look forward to reading it. And when you come right down to it, deep down to the nitty gritty, that is all I set out to do. So from here on out there is no way to fail, because I have already succeeded.