NaNoWriMo Winnings

Yes, I may have forgotten to report my NaNo Winnings on my very own blog. What can I say. December seems to suck the life out of you with all its parties and gifts and outstanding shopping. But I was still able to make progress before the madness kicked in, clocking in my NaNo journey with 54,000 words on my current WIP (work in progress).  And technically I did it in just over three weeks, because there were many days that were lost do to travel, a couple work engagements and well, Thanksgiving. I did learn that while booze may make for fluid writing it does not help you to remember to save your work or help you find said work the next morning. Lesson learned.

In January I was able to finish the first draft of the novel, so I wrote an entire novel in three months, which is a brand new record for me! I've set it aside while I polish up book one and make some small adjustments that allow LSM to better lead into book two. Then I will come back with fresh eyes for major edits. The only thing keeping me going is that I know if I can get the book cleaned up it is a really strong story and I do believe both books can sell. I've put a stake in the ground and declared 2011 my year. So its all or nothing.

Congrats to all winners! Hope you all were successful this year too!