Seton Hill University

So I did it.  I've been thinking about it for years, I mean years, and I finally did it. I made the decision to apply for the MFA Writing in Popular Fiction program at Seton Hill University. I am nervous and excited at the same time. As I prepare to submit my application I have moments of sheer panic, when I ask myself what the hell am I doing? Do I seriously think I have the time or the money to do something like this? Am I going to go crazy from sleep deprivation or reality TV withdraw? Hopefully the answer is no. For one thing, I don't sleep as it is. Might as well do something productive with my time. And on the TV, well let's just say that's why I pay the big bucks for a DVR that can record up to 4 shows at a time! I may be able to cut the real housewives, but I am not giving up my teen soaps.  After all I want to write YA. Doesn't that count as research? Hmm...I wonder if I can buy stock in the CW and all their teen angst shows? That would be a good investment given they're as addicting as crack.

My application is almost complete. I've got fantastic friends who have agreed to write glowing letters of recommendation. I've got a polished writing sample. I've got the transcripts ordered from my undergrad program. (BTW--I seriously had no idea what my accumulative GPA was. Do people remember things like that?) All that is left is the Personal Statement. Yes. The dreaded personal statement with no parameters or guiding questions whatsoever. I started a draft last week, before all my traveling set in and rambled on for at least two single spaced pages and never even got to my writing goals! Oh goodness. I guess a little exploratory writing couldn't hurt. I'll have plenty of stuff to cut later, though the delete key just doesn't have the same effect as ripping a piece of paper out of a notebook, balling it up in a crinkly wad and chucking it across the room.  Not that I've ever done that. But I like the dramatics of it all.

So, yes. To answer your unspoken thought, I should be working on that personal statement. I most certainly shouldn't be updating my blog. But oh well. I had five minutes of not sleeping time to use up.