Love Sex Magick Update

Now that I have finished a first draft of the second book in the Chai Macek series I've gone back to my edits on the first, Love Sex Magick. Unlike the first three rounds I am actually finding this bout of edits fairly manageable. Perhaps because at this point I'm focused on line edits. Fixing sentence structure, cutting unnecessary words and correcting the odd typo. I'm very excited about my progress thus far. I'm on track to finish edits by the end of the month (which if you're counting is less than a week away). This weekend I edited 114 pages!  I would have managed more, having Monday off for President's day, but I needed to finish my letter of intent for my Seton Hill application.

So that's what I've been doing this month. With the edits wrapped up at the end of the month I will begin querying agents and editors. I think in March I will take a break from this series and do edits/revisions to a quick Novella that is almost complete. I'd like to test the waters with a few e-publishers and I think the break from these characters will be good for me. I should be able to wrap that project up in March and at that point I suppose I will have to pick straws to determine which project I want to work on next.  I need to figure out how to write AND edit at projects at the same time.  But with my current full-time job, it makes it difficult to even get in the time for one of those activities, let alone both.  We'll see. If anyone has suggestions on how they manage multiple writing projects at the same time I'd love to hear it!