Fun Valentine Treat

E!Online is running a competition similar to last year's Entertainment Weekly comp that declared Damon Salvator, aka Ian Somerhalder the ultimate sexy beast alive, or is it dead? Following the same bracket formula E!Online has lined up some of today's hottest TV couples and pitted them against each other. Now you have a chance to make your voice heard by voting your own favorites into the next round. There is definitely some tough competition. Some of my faves:

1. Damon and Elena (Vampire Diaries)
2. Bonnie and Jeremy (Vampire Diaries)
3. Peter and Olivia (Fringe)
4. Hodgins and Angela (Bones)
5. Ezra and Aria (Pretty Little Liars)
6. Kurt and Blaine (Glee)
7. Michael and Nikita (Nikita)

I could go on and on. Just thinking about the day when some of these couples will stop dilly dallying around and throw a stake in the ground gets me all flustered.  So go vote. Be Happy. February is apparently the month of love (and bitterly cold snow).

The first round of E!Online Competition: Tv's Top Couples ends Feb 14, so get steppin!