Teenage Drama Queens and Harry Potter

So life with a 14 year old girl is...well...like no other thing I can think of. Everything is a crisis, everything is an emergency needing immediate attention. It doesn't matter what you agree to because she will simply say or do the exact opposite of what you want. It makes me want to not have kids. Or find a really nice boarding school for those pesky teenage years. Let them get angry and overdramatic at some other adult.

So I watched the new Harry Potter Movie last weekend. Did I like it? Yes. Did I love it? hmmm. Love is such a strong word. I'm not ready to make that kind of commitment yet. So without spoiling it for anyone who is slow and has yet to see it, I am going to attempt to explain my issues with this film, sort of a form of couples therapy. lol. You be the shrink.

Ok. The book is just better. I know I know, everyone says that. But IT IS!!!! The book is sooo much better. I mean the first two books of Harry Potter are good. Not great, but for what they were supposed to be, they are good. The third and fourth book are great. A little thicker, a little more complexity, a little more emotional and personal conflict. They aren't the Nancy drew type mysteries of the first two books. The fifth book, well that is just to get you from point a to point C. There is a lot of information in there, but it's a very large book for what little actually happens.

The first two movies are excellent. I think they did a wonderful job translating the world of harry potter on screen. It was, in fact, the world of harry potter in the first film that made me curious enough to read the books. Watching the deleted scenes of the second movie, there are scenes that I think they should have kept in, that helped solidify the story, but the film was funny as an elephant's butt, so who cares if they took out two or three shots here or there.

But the third one, well it is shorter for one. I am all for the shorter movies, but you can't rush the story. Certain information needs to be explained and I just felt like it wasn't. I felt like the only reason I had any clue what was going on, was because I read the book.

But another theory could be that the reason I like the book better is because I recognize how much time and energy went into writing the book. To see the back story, the foundation, the intricacy of the book cut from the movie, it is sad.

Ok it is has been a long time, and I keep getting pulled away from this message, so I am going to end now. But I reserve the right to return to this subject at a later date.

Meeting Adjourned.