Advice from the pros...

Sorry. It's been a few days. But all in all I am getting a lot better about posting.

Last night I had my writer's group meeting. The first chapter of my novel was critiqued and I was very happy with the results. Oh sure. It wasn't perfect. But almost all of the comments were very helpful. I finally feel like this novel is making progress. And I can see how much my writing is improving because of my writing group. I learn from critiquing others pieces. I learn by reading their comments on my pieces. Sometimes I read a story or chapter over and over again, and I can't put my finger on what is wrong. And I will workshop it with my writing group, and they will be able to help me figure out what is missing, or where it went wrong.

I read over the comments today, and I am still very satisfied with the first reaction of the chapter. I wasn't clear enough on a few ideas but I realize that, and it is only a days work to make the changes. Not only that But Kathy, who has published 4 novels, and taught creative writing, has offered to work with me on a one-to-one basis after I expressed my frustration with getting together the first few chapters. I am grateful that she is willing to work with me. I really admire her and her writing. She does pretty amazing things with her stories, and even though her novel is something that I probably wouldn't pick up off the shelf and read on my own, I am hooked to her story, and can't wait to read more of it.

So now I am rambling about how wonderful my writing group is. I could do this for days, but I think that I will spare all you readers out there. I have a much more interesting post coming up. Stay tuned.