So I am feeling much better today. Yesterday was the first day I had that was good. Ok the first day I had in the real world that was good. My weekend was fabulous, but I was in a different world. A world I loved, but don't live in every day. Anyway, I am finally feeling good. I did a tarot card reading on Tuesday night. I think the cards surprised me. I knew I was sort of in a funky mood. I knew I was being bitter and petty to people I cared the most about. Not all of it was intentional. But I couldn't help myself, and I needed to find away to release the bitterness and negative energy inside me that I had been carrying around for days. I needed to stop blaming my friends for not being the people I wanted them to be.

So I got this really cool book from the Library, called "The Writer's Mentor". It's funny how I have moved from reading about how to write fiction, to reading the war room stories from authors themselves. I prefer the latter. (sorry about the interruption. My dog just joined me on the bed. Dogs are great. Did you know people who own dogs live longer happier lives. They are also less likely to get depressed. Dogs are great because their love is unconditional, and they rely on you so much, it's like to the dog you are god. god with the food. lol.)

Anyway, I started reading this book, "The Writer's Mentor" which is full of wonderful quotes and tidbits of advice from hundreds of famous writers. So today's quote is this, "writing is finally a series of permissions you give to yourself to be expressive in certain ways. To invent. To leap. To fly. To fall." (Susan Sontag) I think that is very appropriate considering my last few posts.