omg. I am so sorry to all those dedicated readers out there who have been tuning in since april 19th looking for updates to my blog. Two things have prevented me from doing that. My job and my computer.

I have worked 50 plus hours for the last two weeks and my schedule has been extremely out of whack because of that. Plus my laptop has been very temperamental. Can I tell you, I have been having nightmares about the Dell guy. Dude you're getting a Dell is the last thing I want to hear right now. But I can't lay all the blame on Dell. I hate Microsoft too.

So other than that I am steadily chugging along. I need to get another computer badly. My printer broke two weeks ago. So this weekend I bought a printer for $1. Yes I said $1, although technically it was less than that because it was buck a bag and I also had the Norton Anthology of American Literature, and three extension cords in the bag. The best thing... It actually works. Yes it is slow, extremely slow. But it works. I've been doing a lot of research and have wanted to get a new printer so I am going to start saving for a laser printer now. I had one at OU. They were nice. Well I am more concerned with speed, since if you have ever tried to print of 250 pages you know how painful this can be. Especially when you have to keep running into the room to refill the paper tray before the printer times out. And as much as I love color. It is not a necessity.

Hmm. Am I rambling?

So there is a lion loose in Gahanna. I kid you not. My alarm went off this morning and at that precise moment that the dj said, "If you went to bed early last night" hmm 8 is early right? "then here is the breaking news. A lion is loose in Gahanna. I kid you not." Now this is 5:55 in the morning, I burst out laughing and almost fall out of the bed trying to keep from waking everyone else in the house up. To give the story an extra twist, the gahanna high school mascot is the lion, and while searching for the lion they stumbled across a rather ugly looking coyote.

OK well I am tired, I am going to go work on the HP3 Party Plans. I gotta get these invites out.