Look at this. A post two days in a row! Think I can do three?

So I am finally starting to get pumped up. I mean really pumped up. I think it finally hit me that in the next two months I am going to be doing totally awesome wickedly cool things. I mean it. In less than two weeks I will get to see Laurell again. (Shut Up!). No I am totally serious. And not just for one day. Oh no. For three. Three fun filled Days with Access to Laurell. (Stop it!). lol. But I mean really, what is the likelyhood of her running around actually talking to people versus acting like some worn down celeb. I mean I get it. There are going to be tons of people there, just to see her. and whopee. She has the right to want a little privacy. But I mean, you have to treat your fans well. Just like if you're the boss you treat your employees well. They are an extremely critical part of the process. Highly crucial element in determining your success.

So do you think that I will get stuck on the elevator with her and actually get the chance to say hi, like I did with Catherine Asaro. Highly unlikely. I am sure she will have her own mini enterage with her. Is that you spell that? It must be a french word. Darn french. Always spelling things as differently as possible from the way they are pronounced.

So anyway... speaking of France. I decided yesterday that I am going to save up some money once I start living of of a full time salary, and go to Europe. There are a few places I want to hit. France again, isn't really on the list. But it could be added if someone wanted to persuade me to swing by. I want to travel in Italy. I want to see Ireland, and the Big G.B. Maybe spend a little time in Spain. But my biggest desire is Italy and Ireland. I have wanted to go to Italy for about two and a half years now. And gosh darnit I am finnaly going to go. Who's with me? (We could take the Harry Potter Tour, lol. Visit all the site locations for the films..!) Fans are allowed to come too. lol. I will travel with a fan.

Start savin now.