Blog Damnit!

Ask and ye shall recieve.

Why is it so easy for me to put other things ahead of my writing. I had the whole day off and do you know how much writing I actually got done? None. Zero. Zip. Instead I did a load of laundry, baught a clothes hamper, went shopping for fabric, made an extravagant and new recipie for dinner, reorganized my bookshelf, rented movies at the library, played a computer game, consoled my only half sick sister, made a list of things to buy for my apartment, AND watched the democratic convention. But no writing. Actually this is the closest thing to writing that I have come to.

Hmm.  A case of writer's block? Yes. Fear of failure? Yes.  Too much of a perfectionist? Yes. All of the above. And instead of facing that, learning how to work around it, it is so much easier to just do something else. Something easy.

Despite that I still feel that I am well on my way.  There have been a lot of changes in the past year. And a lot of discoveries in the past two or three months.  I have learned more about what I want, and I have made progress towards getting those goals.  I am hopeful that I will see those goals fulfilled.  Financially, physically, career wise, it may have taken longer than expected, I may have had to step off the traditional path, but I can finally see the finish line.  I am in the home stretch.

That being said, I will sign off with a quote from the Alive's Best of Columbus Issue, "Best place to have illicit sex that, while initially pretty gross, will eventually offer fond memories, assuming you pass the Ensuing STD tests...over the broken air conditioner in the alley behind bernies!!! Nuff said.