Jib Jab


Can I say that one more time. Oh hey, look my toolbar changed. The whole post format is different. When did that happen?  Guess I should have been writing more in my blog.

Sorry about that. Like I said, my personal life kind of shifted into high gear. Hopefully after today I will be able to slide back into neutral or at least flip on cruise control and maintain a steady pace. I miss writing, and I haven't had much time to write. And I miss all my blogger friends. It is every comforting to be able to post on a blog. I encourage everyone to try it. Ok not really. I don't want you to stop reading mine!

I do have a little question to put out there though. Maybe this is completely normal, and I am not the only one who experiences it, but for those of you who actually write, do you find that other authors motivate you to write? Not in the traditional manner. But for me, the other day I was wondering around in the library and ran across this book that looks like I could have written it. It has all the elements of a great story. But every time I go to read it, I panic, because I am afraid it is my story. I think oh my god this is one more person I have to compete with. This is one more author who got published, and one less publisher who will show interest in my stuff. Ok so maybe that isn't entirely true, but I look at it and think, man I really have to speed up my writing process if I want a shot at this.

But maybe that is good swift kick in the butt I need.

Last night I got some good writing done. Again, the first time in a while. It's so weird. Sometimes the characters are stubborn, and I'll be honest, maybe I am too tired to give them the proper encouragement, lol., but still some days it's just a lot harder. I am thankful for the days when it isn't hard.  When it's like writing about your best friend and the stories you shared over drinks in the bar.

Ironically enough it seems I have the most trouble capturing emotion. Which is ironic because I am a highly emotional person (in a good way. I'm not neurotic). I just give a lot of weight to the emotional state of things, I encourage people to listen to their hearts, follow their instincts...blah blah blah,  So it is weird that of all things, I have the toughest time getting my characters emotions on the page.

OK I am really rambling here. Check out the This Land cartoon. I love that.

Peace out.