The great thing about human beings is how truly complex we are. There are no real rules. Life is full of surprises, and everytime we think we have something figured out, everytime we think we know for sure the dice are tossed into the air and land in a totally different sequence, one that was never anticipated. It makes my job hard, but also a lot of fun. After all being an author is just writing about people, studying their relationships, their mannerisms, their psychology. I find myself taking mental notes constantly. When I am feeling a particular way I think to myself, how would I write this. What would I say. And it isn't always the times that you would expect me to do this. It is odd moments, like I accidentaly slammed my hand into the wall, or I tried a new food for the first time.

There are other things, that happen in real life that are so bizarre or so convenient that it would never pass in fiction. Anyway. I am not saying anything really significant. All day I have struggled to put coherent sentances down on paper. I hope that tomorrow I am more alert. Today I could get away with it because my supervisor was a little out of it as well. Tomorrow people might be paying attention. G'night.