So it's been a while. I apologize. To make up for it I am dedicating this weeks entries to my friends. I hereby declare this Missy's Friends week. Hmm, or maybe that is the Missy Lynn Ryan Fan Club.

I missed a lot of entries because I spent most of last week with friends. Old friends and new friends, I spent my time reminiscing and creating new and exciting memories. I also had the opportunity to learn many things. My friends are constantly teaching me about stuff. Teaching me things about myself, and about the way that the world works. One of my discoveries was that each friendship is unique. Some friendships need more nurturing than others. Some come with a different set of expectations. Some have a hell of a lot more speed bumps than others. But they are all valuable. They all shape the person we are and the person we will become. I also was reminded of how much of an impact I have on my friends. I forget this a lot. I tend to think that my friendship is one way, that I am the one who is getting the better end of the deal. But it isn't that way. Just as I look at my friends and wonder why it is we have come together, or how someone of such amazing magnitude can become friends with little ol' me, they intern often do the same. More than once or twice I have been amazed at how attached we become to our closest friends. In some sense we hold them closer to us than family, because we chose to be near them, to become part of their lives. They are the people we turn to when our family lets us down, stresses us out, or just doesn't get it. Over the last five or six years I can think of three instances where I have felt betrayed by someone I thought of as a friend. And although those friendships were repaired and restored, the grieving process, the hurt, the feeling of being alone, it was no different than breaking up with a boyfriend, or losing a loved one. Yet I never see this portrayed in books and movies. I see groups of friends, who come together in the death or illness of someone, but I don't see people grieving over lost friendships. I have yet to find a story that emulates the experience I have had with my friends, the hurt and the betrayal and all that comes with it. So that is my next writing project, either that or the third one in line. I can't decide if I want to try my hand at straight fiction or work that storyline into an already established work I have. It will take me some more thought to figure that out.

Ok this got long and I am not sure if that last paragraph made any sense. But I am going to move on to actually writing because I would actually like to get something published this year!