Happy Happy Joy Joy

Me again. Well duh. Who else would it be?

So I am just as high as a kite, and I mean that in the most non-illegal way! I am as corny as Kansas in august, high as a flag on the fourth of July...

Ten bucks to the first person who can email me the name of that reference.
(and a free year membership in my fan club)

So. Why am I in this obscenely jubilant mood? Not sure really. A myriad of things. But I think maybe it's just good karma. Life is like a big cycle. You can only stay down for so long and eventually things have to get better.

I finished a story Yesterday, posted it for my writing group today. I submitted my first story to F&SF! Huge Deal. I lined up an informal interview for research on the new novel. Hem hem...Always better to kill two birds with one stone. But why birds, I mean I don't like birds but I don't want to kill them. There has to be a better expression than that. Did they eat the birds? What was the purpose of killing them? Ten dollars and a free one year membership to the fan club to the person who can answer the question.

I get paid this week. I was informally offered a job this week. I didn't let my mother get to me this week. And look at that it is only Hump Day.

If anyone has any information on the TV series Dark Angel, or the DVD'S that they want to let me borrow I would love you to death. Ten bucks and a one year membership to my fan club to anyone who can provide me with the hookup on the D.A.

OK well I think that is enough. Thinking about putting together the website this month, I have time and some extra cash, but what do I put on it, except for a link to my blog and a silly bio. With no publishing credits I feel kind of premature on that one. But at the same time I feel like by the end of the year I will have published at least two pieces. I might not have made much money, if not any, but published yes. I suppose I could put on a links page, those are fun. Oh and information about the fan club. Maybe a message from the president. On a serious note if anyone has time or has checked out the cafe press shops website...It is something that I would like to get into. I am looking for an artist, or at least someone who can draw to do some images for me featuring characters in my books. I also need little one liners. If you are curious email me I can give you a direct link to what I am interested in. Eventually there will be some dead presidents involved in the exchange. But that comes with the publishing of work. It's a team effort here people. Let's get a move on it. Melissa Inc. Has to go public in six months!